About Me


Hello! I’m Bree Sutherland. I currently manage eLearning development and implementation for  a 501(c) nonprofit organization. In my current position I work to produce continuing education programs that further the emergency nursing practice and meet the needs of our 40,000+ international members. The majority of our eLearning courses are currently deployed from our LMS, but we are planning to launch blended-learning programs (e.g. Blackboard Collaborate) in 2014. Prior to working for ENA I was a continuing education editor for a medical publisher, and a learning & technology consultant for various clients in the medical, pharma, and bio-technology fields. I am pursuing the HRE master’s degree with a concentration in eLearning as online education is truly my professional passion. Over the years I’ve been active in education technology conferences as well as many online networking platforms. I am eager to achieve a professional degree to take my education to the master’s level. I’ve earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature from Western Michigan University, and my Certificate in Nonprofit Management from University of Illinois-Chicago. When I’m not working (which seems like a lot lately!) I enjoy running, Bikram yoga, exploring new restaurants in the city, and spending time with my family in Michigan. I look forward to learning with and from you all!


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