Blog 3: Managerial Issues


I will attempt to succinctly summarize the process at my organization where I am eLearning Manager and how it compares to the Bates and Khan models. Upon joining this organization there was one temporary elearning specialist on staff and one eLearning program that had launched on the newly deployed LMS. There were no other projects in development for online delivery.  In my first months on staff I met with each department to understand their eLearning needs and developed a draft 12 month developmental plan. The initial programs developed were webinars, Camtasia on-demand elearning programs, and repurposed programs that were captured from live conferences. As we progressed in taking more programs online there was a need to hire an instructional designer and Articulate Storyline software to develop custom interactive eLearning programs.  The challenge was that we had several in house content developers that previously produced content in silo (lone ranger) as this all that they knew. It was my goal to develop an eLearning development and delivery strategy that worked for everyone. For each project we had weekly or bi-weekly team meetings that consisted of the content developers, instructional designer, eLearning manger (myself), a nurse planner (required as we are accredited and sometimes the same person who is the content developer) and our Director of Education as available. Our current “project management“ style and our people, process, project method as described by Khan is as follows:

  • All team members discuss project outline, develop timeline, and commit to assigned roles and responsibilities in project “kick off meeting”.
  • As content is completed for a section/chapter it is handed off to the instructional designer for storyboarding. Storyboard includes proposed eLearning interactions, images, and assessment/knowledge verification skills.
  • Storyboards go through several rounds of edits with content developer and instructional designer. Once a section/chapter is signed off on as approved the instructional designer begins the development process in Articulate Storyline.
  • Articulate Storyline module alpha version is review by me for user experience and interface testing (e.g. all interaction, functionality are working properly. Edits are made as needed.
  • Module is published in final format and integrated into the learning management system.
  • Upon completion of all sections/chapters in the above process the entire eLearning course is sent out for pilot testing. Feedback is taken into consideration and any clinical/glaring errors, if any, are corrected.
  • Evaluation process is put in place to ensure quality of programming for future program development.

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