Blog 2: Planning Your Vision


The readings and other assignments really resonated with me in this module as I have direct experience with challenges in the implementation of eLearning within an institution. In the Dr. Johnson interview he discusses the challenges of overcoming the negative perception of eLearning and also setting up the expectation that an online course will be the same as a face to face. In my experience at my nonprofit organization we first hand are looking to overcome push back from our nursing instructors in the testing procedure we took online in mid-2012.

Originally a face to face testing procedure for those that need recertification to teach an Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course we determined a need to take the live testing process and manual scoring to an online format. The challenge was that many of our seasoned instructors were reluctant to change and uncomfortable with the technology. I don’t necessarily agree with Bates that vision is more important than planning, but I think that one cannot exist without the other. Without a clear vision what are you planning for? In the case at my organization we could have done better with developing our vision with all leaders and stakeholders to ensure readiness for taking the process online. If we had better understood the importance in automation so as to prevent human errors and manual processes we could have then educated the instructors on why the change should be made and had them be an integral part of the planning process. Instead they felt uninformed and uncomfortable with the online testing and outcomes were less than stellar. Bates said, “…the decision about whether or not to use technology in the first place should be reached through a strategic planning exercise that takes into account the overall needs of learners and the teaching goals or mission for the institution or department.” (45). My organization made the decision to automate the testing process based on their need to reduce staff time and failed at strategically developing a solid vision and plan with those that it would directly impact.

Bates, A.W. (2000.) Chapter 2. Leadership, Vision, and Planning in a Post-Fordist Organization.


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