First Official Blog: What is eLearning?


I define eLearning as learning that occurs through the leveraging of technology. The management of eLearning I define as the all-encompassing management of all aspects of the design, development, implementation, and continued maintenance of eLearning.  I suspect both of these personal definitions will change over the period of the semester. I also think that the management of eLearning has so many components that it is far too complex to try and sum it all up in a brief definition that I feel comfortable with.

As we are currently studying Tony Bates’s, “Managing Technological Change,” I was quite curious how he defines eLearning. I did a search of his website and shortly located his definition. He defines eLearning as, “all computer and Internet-based activities that support teaching and learning – both on-campus and at a distance,” (Bates 2008).  In some ways I question his definition because to me it seems inclusive of academia. I would argue that anytime learning is occurring regardless of the audience or content elearning is taking place. If my argument is valid, then would surfing the internet and learning something new from a webpage be eLearning?


A.W. Bates (2005). Managing Technological Change

A.W. Bates (2008). What is eLearning?  Retrieved from:


One thought on “First Official Blog: What is eLearning?

  1. Dr. Scagnoli asked if I would expand upon the last sentence in my blog: It’s my opinion that if we are learning something by reading a webpage on the internet it’s elearning. I guess my question for others would be does it have to be something that supports something you’ve already learned or can it be a new effort? I am conflicted though if there’s a certain qualification of the type of content/validity of website for it to be a true learning experience. I would be interested to hear what others think on this subject.

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